Calculate fees automatically

    Instead of displaying parking coupons, you can use the app to key in your vehicle number, select the car park and indicate your parking duration. The app will automatically calculate the charges you have to pay using your credit or debit card.

    Extend remotely

    The app allows you to track your parking session and receive notifications when it is expiring. You can extend your parking duration at your own time and convenience, without having to return to your vehicle to add more coupons.

    Get a refund

    If you choose to end your parking session earlier, a refund calculated on a per minute basis will be given.

  • FAQ

    Activating your Parking Session

    How does Parking.sg App work?

    Parking.sg allows you to pay short-term parking charges through your mobile device at all existing coupon-based public car parks. The app will serve as an alternative mode of payment to paper parking coupons. You will need to key in your vehicle number, select the car park, indicate the parking duration, pay using your credit or debit card and start parking. You will also be able to extend the parking session remotely via the app. You do not need to use the Parking.sg app for parking at car parks already installed with the Electronic Parking System (EPS).


    When must I start the parking session?

    You should start a parking session via the Parking.sg app once you park in a designated parking lot. Enforcement officers have been trained to identify digitally parked vehicles.


    Why do I need to select a parking duration? Why can’t the app just make use of a start/stop button?

    You may forget to end your parking session. When that happens, your charges will continue to run. This can be avoided if motorists select an estimated duration at the start of a new session. If you end your parking session earlier, you will receive a refund on the remaining amount.


    How do I select the correct car park?

    You may refer to the car park code indicated on all existing car park signboards We have installed new signboards and also enhanced existing ones within car parks and along kerbside lots to increase the visibility of the car park code.


    Why am I not able to locate car parks nearby?

    To locate car parks nearby, please make sure that you have turned on the location function in your phone setting.

    Why is it necessary to have to select the car park I am parked in when I start a parking session?

    Different car parks have different parking schemes. Selecting the correct car park will ensure that you are paying the correct rates.

    What happens if I forget to bring my phone or if I have no network coverage?

    If you are unable to park using the app for these reasons stated above, you will have to display parking coupons. Alternatively, you can consider parking your vehicle at nearby car parks that operate on the Electronic Parking System (EPS).

    What happens if I key in my vehicle and parking details wrongly?

    You can simply end the parking session and start a new one with the correct details.

    Will I get fined if I key in my vehicle and parking details wrongly?

    Yes, you may get a parking offence notice if you input wrong details for your parking session.

    Can I start a parking session on behalf of another person?

    Yes, you can. You will need to enter the correct vehicle and parking details on behalf of the other person to start a parking session. There can only be one session activated per app.

    Am I entitled to a 10-minute grace period after I have parked via the app?

    You will need to activate your parking session via the app after you have parked your vehicle. This differs from EPS, where a 10 minutes grace period is provided for motorists to locate a parking lot after entering the car park, to do a quick drop off or pick up passengers.

    Can I start a parking session for multiple vehicles?

    No, you will not be able to park for multiple vehicles using the app.

    I own/drive multiple vehicles. Can the app allow me to save all my vehicles?

    Yes, the app automatically saves your recently used vehicles based on your parking history.

    Extending your Parking Session

    Will the app prompt me to extend the parking session nearing its expiry?

    Yes, you will be notified via the app to extend your parking session 10 minutes before expiry and at the point of expiry. You must first grant permissions to the app to push notifications to your phone and also set Parking.sg to have high priority notifications in your phone settings.



    Ending your Parking Session

    What happens if I forget to end my parking session?

    If you do not extend your parking session, it will expire automatically after the initial specified parking duration.

    What happens to my parking session when my phone runs out of battery?

    The parking session will continue to run, and will expire at the end of the selected parking duration. You can choose to purchase another parking session from another mobile device if you wish to park for a longer duration or display parking coupons.

    Does the app track my parking history?

    Yes, you can view your parking history by accessing the parking history page found on the left side menu in the app. You will not be able to retrieve your parking history on your phone if you uninstall the app.

    If the session expires automatically without extension, will this become a loophole for motorists to exploit to avoid paying parking charges?

    The app has a notification feature that reminds users to renew their parking session if they wish to continue parking at the car park. If the parking session is not extended, motorists may be issued with a parking offence notice.

    Why am I not receiving any sound notifications even though my phone is not in silent mode?

    For sound notifications to work, please make sure that that you have enabled all permissions for Parking.sg in your phone settings. Other than that, we are aware that China branded smartphones like Xiaomi, Oppo, and Huawei has aggressive battery optimisation that may block the notifications. For users of China branded smartphones, add the app under the Protected Apps to resolve the notification issues.


    Why am I receiving a SMS notification a few days after my parking sessions?

    We are grouping multiple charges together, so that there will be fewer credit card charges reflected on your statement. With these changes, some users may receive an additional SMS notification from your banks about the final “grouped” charge a few days after the first parking session was made.


    So how do I cross verify my parking sessions with my bank statement?

    ​If you need to cross-verify your parking sessions with your bank statement, go to Parking History and click on each parking session, which will show you the status of the Bill ID.

    Those sessions that are already grouped will have their own Bill ID, which you can cross reference with the Bill ID in your bank statement. Those that are yet to be grouped will be reflected as “PENDING”


    Why am I getting billed for the entire parking duration which I originally selected even though I ended my session early?

    The app initially charges you for the entire parking duration which you originally selected. When you end your session early, the app then refunds you the unused amount, calculated on a per-minute basis. If you do not see it reflected on your debit or credit card statement, please wait a while before checking again as it may still be in processing.

    How do I pay for my parking sessions?

    If this is the first time using the app, you will be prompted to enter your credit or debit card details before you proceed to confirm the parking session. Currently, only Visa, MasterCard and American Express debit and credit cards are accepted.


    If I do not have any credit card, are there other alternatives?

    Yes, you can try virtual credit cards such as but not limited to Singtel Dash, or any other payment providers. As of now, we have seen users using Singtel Dash for Parking.sg successfully. If you have found any successful use case of virtual credit cards, kindly contact us at feedback@parking.sg so we can update our FAQs. However, please take note that we do not accept any liability for any damage through the use of such virtual credit cards.

    Is it safe to store my credit card details in the app?

    Your credit card details are not stored in the app. When you first enter your credit card details in the app, the payment information is instead saved with our secure payment provider. This allows you to continue paying for your parking charges without having to enter your credit card details again. Your details are kept safe even if your phone is compromised. To cancel your payment information with our secure payment provider, you will only need to select ‘Remove Card’ from the left slide out menu.

    Why is there no one-time password (OTP) activated for login since it involves monetary transactions?

    As the app does not store users’ credit card information, to require a one-time password verification for every transaction will affect the user experience. Hence we have not included this function.




    I have a Class 1 disability label. Can the app give me the first hour free?

    Yes, you can still enjoy your first hour of parking for free, which is no different from current practice. If you need to continue parking after the first hour, you will need to start a parking session using the app.


    I am using the app and no longer require the use of coupons. Will I be able to return the coupons?

    As parking coupons will continue to be in use, you have the option of using the Parking.sg app or your existing coupons to pay for parking. There is no need to return the parking coupons.


    Are foreign vehicles allowed to park using the app?

    Yes, all vehicles including foreign vehicles can park using the app.